Connor McLean (b. 1996 in Ohio USA) is a composer and performer originally from the united states currently living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark. In his work he is interested in exploring the perception of musical form and music as a conceptual cultural construct in which history, poetry, sound and performance interact. His music is usually for various configurations of performers but has also taken purely electronic forms. Connor is generally very interested in conflicting qualities; fragility and brutality, absurdity and solemnity but in every case poetry and vulnerability. 

In 2020 he received an MA at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. His primary tutors at DKDM were Niels Rosing Schow, Rune Glerup and Simon Løffler. in 2018 Connor received his Bmus from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama where he studied with Joseph Davies, Peter Reynolds and Owen Lloyd. His music has been performed by ensembles such as The Arctic Sinfonietta, The Ligeti Quartet, Tema Quartet, K!art, Ensemble Mol0t, Victor Koch, Mikkel Schou and the Nieuw Ensemble among others. In 2018 he collaborated with Welsh performance art duo, Good Cop, Bad Cop on Phantom Rides Again an experimental theater piece featuring his score. Current collaborations include a new work with percussionist Kalle Hakosalo for amplified cymbals, a work for video, piano and synthesizer for pianist Nikolaus von Bemberg and a work for Copenhagen based ensemble Neko 3.

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